Association Models

GLM Macros

STATA Programs

  • Type "ssc install rc2 " in STATA. This is a STATA program written by John Hendrickx for estimating Goodman's RC model from cross-classified data.
  • Type "webseek mclest" in STATA. "mclest" is a STATA program written by John Hendrickx for estimating a class of conditional logit models with certain constraints. It can estimate Goodman's RC model through two steps. (See below for an example.)
  • Type "webseek unidiff" in STATA. "unidiff" is a STATA program written by Maurizio Pisati for estimating a class of multiplicative layer-effect models introduced by Xie (1992, ASR).
  • STATA files for some examples in Powers and Xie book on statistical methods for categorical data analysis.


Different forms of the association model can be estimated as a Generalized Nonlinear Model (GNM) in R. Go to

An example using GNM in R for replicating Xie (1992, ASR) is available here: input file, and output file (courtey of Huashan Chen).



ASSOC is a specialized, user-written program for estimating many of the association models.

Comparison of Different Programs with an Example

The example was taken from Clogg (1982, AJS): GSS data for the association between attitudes toward abortion and attitudes toward premarital sex. See discussion of the example by Powers and Xie (2000).

GLIM: input fileoutput file;

STATA (rc2): input fileoutput file;

STATA (mclest): input file1output file 1input file 2output file 2.

LEM: input fileoutput file;

Assoc: input filedata fileoutput file

R: input fileoutput file;